" It  is written in the stars " 

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Astrology has been a subject that has fascinated all of us over the centuries, 
    Many people don't understand that their Star or Zodiac in not the only placement 
that makes them unique. we can not divide the population into 
12 categories and be accurate for every sing person born under that sign.
 We all have another 9 planets that make up our unique personality. 
So we are not the same. To have astrology performed with the most accuracy
 we need the following information. Name, date, place and 
Time of birth (if known) 4 minutes can make a difference in a chart to its accuracy. 
So next time you read your stars in a magazine/newspaper be aware
 it may not all apply to you because this is general information 
for all people in the world under this sign. Yes it is written in the stars.......
as we have gazed to the heavens looking for answers
 in our day to day lives. So the science of Astrology was born. 

                                         Simply Astrology with Amanda Hall